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website accessibility

This website includes ‘access keys’ to aid accessibility. The following keys are available from all pages of the site. See below for details of how to use access keys in different web browsers. Go to our website site map for a list of all the pages on this site.

  • 0 – Accessibility Page
  • 1 – Home Page
  • 2 – Our products
  • 3 – Meal ideas
  • 4 – Offers
  • 5 – About us
  • 7 – Contact us
  • 8 – Website Legal Information
  • 9 – Site map

Popular browsers on Windows systems

  • Internet Explorer: Press ALT + the access key, then Enter.
  • Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox: Press ALT + the access key.
  • Google Chrome: Press ALT + CTRL + the access key
  • Netscape 4.x: Access keys are not supported.
  • Netscape 6 and higher: Press ALT + the access key.
  • Opera: Press Shift + Esc to toggle into Access Key mode, then press the access key. Shift + Esc must be pressed each time you want to use an access key.

Popular browsers on Macintosh systems

  • Most browsers on the Macintosh use: CTRL + the access key.
  • Google Chrome: Press ALT + CTRL + the access key