At Princes, we’re committed to playing our part in reducing plastics and litter in our oceans and encouraging responsible and effective recycling.


As well as seafood, we manufacture a wide range of other foods, cooking oils and soft drinks – many of which use plastic packaging. With this in mind, our packaging policy requires that all of our packaging should be widely recyclable by 2025, recycled content maximised, minimum materials used, and families helped to reduce food waste in the home.

  • We’re replacing our canned tuna plastic multipack wrap with card saving 96 tons of plastic*
  • 99% of the plastics we use in our UK manufacture are widely recyclable
  • The average recycled content of our UK manufactured products is 46%
  • Our PET soft drinks and oil bottles have 51% recycled content.
  • We no longer use non-recyclable PVC and EPS plastics
  • Our seafood steel or aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable
  • We pay our Packaging Waste Obligations to UK recyclers in order to stop any packaging going to illegal, overseas waste dumps.

At Princes we’re aware that the sourcing of wild caught fish can have an impact in terms of lost or discarded at sea fishing gear. While we don’t own or operate any vessels ourselves, we insist that the vessels in our supply chain use non-entangling Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) and are helping to fund the trialling of biodegradable FADs, to minimise the risks of entanglement for dolphins, sharks and other sea creatures. Princes also fully supports the aims of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) which seeks to minimise the impact of lost or abandoned fishing gear.


*Cardboard is more widely recycled. Removal of 96 metric tonne based on Princes UK sales figures of all tuna multipacks 01.2019 - 12.2019. Figure includes 6 pack for which target date to have cardboard solution is March 2020. Go to Princes plastic free journey page to find out more.