Our Journey

from catch to can

Catch to can


Responsibly sourced

Whether it's tasty tuna or succulent salmon you can rest assured that it's been sourced responsibly from the catch all the way to the can.


Do you want to know exactly where your fish is from?

Just take a look at our packs- each and every one shows you where in the world it was caught.



We can trace every can of Princes fish back to the boat on which it was caught.

Why's that important? Because it means that we can ensure the highest standards in our supply chain. We even have independent observation in place on all large boats using purse seine nets to catch tuna. We work closely with other organisations around the world that share our commitment to improving responsible fishing practices.


Our fish is caught using responsible methods

So that we can help preserve the world's oceans and protect other sealife in the process.

So good. So simple.