Responsible Sourcing

There’s more than one way to catch fish, but we have high standards and expect no less from our fishing partners. That’s why we only work with people who are committed to fishing responsibly.


Our commitment

Princes aims to source Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish and is actively involved in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP’s) around the world.

With the aim of improving fisheries management and sourcing new MSC products

In 2020, 99.9% of our tuna in the UK was sourced from FIPs, MSC certified sources or well managed pole & line or FAD free fisheries.

Our progress so far

100% compliant & traceable

Founders of the ISSF

ISSF Proactive Vessel Register


Dolphin Safe

Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna

Our journey from catch to can

We can trace every can of Princes fish right back to the boat it was caught on

At Princes we insist on high standards throughout our supply chain. On all large boats, using purse seine nets to catch tuna, we even have independent observers in place.

Want to know exactly where your fish is from?

Just take a look at our packs - each and every one shows you where in the world your fish was caught.

We source responsibly where possible

Whether you’re tucking into tasty tuna or succulent salmon you can be sure that Princes works hard to increase its responsibly sourced seafood.

We work closely with other organisations around the world

We work closely with other organisations around the world

We collaborate with many organisations worldwide that share our commitment to improving responsible fishing practices.