Eat Well

With canned fruit

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So how do you make it more exciting, tasty and a little bit less stressful?

It’s not as easy as it sounds – from getting everyone out of bed, to making sure bags are packed and leaving the house on time, serving up a nourishing breakfast can be last on the agenda! That’s where Princes Fruit with Juice comes in. Eating Princes Fruit with Juice is a great way to get the whole family off to a good start. With the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey showing that just 27% of adults are managing to eat their recommended five a day, finding easy ways of eating well is important for our health.

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Lucy Jones

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Top 5Reasons to enjoy

  • Five A Day

    easiest way to five a day1

  • Balanced Diet

    a great way to enjoy a balanced diet

  • 100%

    no artificial colours and preservatives2

  • Fibre

    a great source of fibre3

  • Fresh Fruit

    packed from fresh2

1 Princes Fruit with Juice counts towards the recommended five a day 2 Excluding Princes Fruit Cocktail 3 Princes Prunes, Pineapple and Pears with Juice are all a good source of fibre for a full list of the references used on this page click here 

Princes Fruit with Juice is a simple way to get one of your five a day in early

...without the fuss of chopping, pitting and peeling that’s needed for fresh fruit. Why not try Princes peaches, mango and mandarins? All packed from fresh, the delicious taste of the fruit is locked in at the canning stage so Princes fruit is the perfect alternative to fresh when accompanying your favourite cereal yoghurt, granola or porridge.

The Princes Fruit with Juice range contains no preservatives or added sugar (they do contain naturally occurring sugars). In addition Princes Prunes, Pears and Pineapples with Juice are all good sources of fibre, which helps make the Princes Fruit with Juice range So Good. So Simple.

So good. So simple.