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Getting more out of your day with Princes Fruit at breakfast!

By registered dietician and TV presenter, lucy jones

Enjoying a good breakfast means starting the day as you mean to go on and in my house, it really is an important time of day – for so many reasons!

Breakfast helps our brains to work better, especially for children.


In fact, children who skip breakfast are not as good at problem solving as those who eat breakfast2 and kids that do eat that all-important morning meal perform better in school, both in maths and creative tasks3.

And it’s not just children who get a lot from eating breakfast. In memory and recall tests, eating breakfast helps adults to remember things and retain information too4,5.

Many of us keep to traditional choices of cereal or toast during the week and while these offer very beneficial nutrients, we could be missing out on an opportunity to add even more. With less than a third of the UK population eating their five a day1, we know that eating more fruit and vegetables should be right up there in our nutrition priorities and breakfast is one area where we can easily boost our intakes.

In our house, we struggle to get to the shops during the week and having a good stock of canned fruit means you can get the nutritional benefit of adding fruit to breakfast with the added bonus of its long shelf life.

Canned fruit is affordable, long lasting and pre-prepared, taking away all the hassle of washing, peeling and chopping. The US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and studies by the Canned Food Alliance comparing people who ate canned fruit to those who didn’t, found canned fruit eaters ate 19% more fruit overall, had better overall diet quality and ate more dietary fibre and potassium and less saturated fat6,7, which is really impressive considering how easy it is to use!

Canned fruit also provides inspiration for every day of the week. Adding canned peaches, mandarins or mango to natural yoghurt is an ideal way to add the variety and help you start the day in the right way. A sprinkling of nuts, seeds or granola can make the perfect topping.

With a huge range available, canned fruit offers a choice of flavours, fruit types and pack sizes so there is something for all the family.

For me, getting people to increase variety in meals including at breakfast is key to keeping ‘healthy eating’ interesting and it helps us to eat the widest range of nutrients.

So for all you breakfast skippers, take a moment to re-think your morning and consider just how quick and easy breakfast can be for you and your family when you add canned fruit.


My Ways to Make Mornings Simple...


Get Ahead with Breakfast Prep

Spending a little time the night before to make breakfast can save you bags of time in the morning. Overnight oats made with canned peaches and pineapple are a delicious solution.


Choose Your Outfit the Night Before

Sometimes the small things can go a long way. That’s definitely the case when it comes to choosing the family’s clothes for the next day the night before – it will save a morning dilemma and an inevitable rush.


Keep Breakfasts Simple

Cutting, peeling and chopping fresh fruit makes the morning routine a hassle, so consider an option that is both nutritious and convenient, such as Princes Fruit with Juice. Mix it with yoghurt for a super-fast, mess-free breakfast.


Give Yourself a Break!

Lost homework, an icy car or running out of milk - no matter how much you prepare, there’s always something unexpected that could happen. Take a deep breath and try not to worry – it’s all part of the morning routine.

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