Boost Your Barbecue with simple, tasty summer meals

By the Princes team

Get creative and try interesting new foods.

In the summer months, the whole family loves nothing better than spending some quality time together outdoors, and firing up the barbecue. But, gone are the days when a traditional back garden barbie just meant over-cooked burgers, burnt bangers, cheap cheese and ketchup.

Now there’s a call for high nutrition and lean protein foods, straight from the barbecue. But what about when you get an unexpected hot day, and you fancy a barbie but haven’t had time to plan it? Instead of racing down to the supermarket and fighting the crowds for the usual barbecue stuff, save yourself time and hassle by creating tasty recipes using canned food straight from your kitchen cupboards.

Get creative and try interesting new foods that the family will love for a last minute barbecue that doesn’t compromise on cost and quality. Using canned fruit and fish is convenient and fuss-free - and Princes canned Fruit is packed from fresh and has no preservatives1 – which is great news for the whole family.

Why You Should Try Canned Fish on the Barbecue

Eating canned fish can boost the amount of all-important protein in our diets3 – which can help to maintain strong bones and muscles4, an easy way to take care of your family’s health Oily fish – such as mackerel and salmon – is also particularly high in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids1, and eating the recommended 250mg a day can help keep your heart working normally2 So, how do you use these simple canned fish recipes to make delicious meals all on the barbecue?

Why you should try canned Fruit on the barbecue

Eating Princes canned fruit in juice can count toward one of your Five-A-Day2

Canned fruit is affordable, lasts for ages and is pre-prepared for you, so you can wave goodbye to all that washing, peeling and chopping.

So, how do you use these simple recipes to make delicious meals all on the barbecue? From delicious salads to desserts, these easy recipes really hit the spot.

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