Cut down on food waste and get your five a day

By the Princes team

It's ready when you are.

Mushy bananas, leathery peaches, wrinkly pears and apples – when fruit’s past its best, no one will touch it! That’s why canned fruit is so good. We all know it’s great value for money, but when you add in the cost of all that spoiled fresh fruit you chuck out, the savings are even better. Besides helping cut down on food waste, another great thing about canned fruit in juice is that it counts as one of your five-a-day.

So you can help keep your family healthy - without breaking the bank. We know getting everyone to eat their five-a-day can sometimes be challenging to say the least. But, with canned fruit in juice, there’s no washing peeling and chopping, it’s ready when you are, tasty - and counts towards everyone’s recommended daily intake.

And, with the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey showing that just 27% of adults are managing to eat their recommended five-a-day1, finding easy ways of eating well on a budget is important for our family’s health.

Helping you to boost your family’s fruit intake is really important, so Princes has created some super easy recipes for everyone to enjoy, including a fun Smoothie Bowl and Apricot Oaty Bars, perfect for fruity breakfasts and snacks.

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Canned Fruit Facts

  • Using Princes canned fruit in juice can count to one of your five-a-day 2
  • Canned fruit is affordable, lasts for ages is prepared for you, taking away the hassle of washing, peeling and chopping
  • Princes Prunes, Pineapple and Pears are a great source of fibre3
  • Princes Fruit is packed from fresh and contains no artificial colours or preservatives 4