Eat well with canned fish

By Lily Soutter

Lily Soutter is a Registered Nutrition Practitioner with extensive knowledge of the science of food and health

Ways to boost your lifestyle by eating canned fish

We all know that eating healthily isn’t always easy, especially when you are trying to juggle a busy life, but one easy way to start is by including more fish into your diet. As a busy working nutritionist, it’s important for me to ensure that a busy life doesn’t mean missing out on much-needed nutrients. So whether you are looking after your family or just looking after your own health, Princes Canned Fish ranges can offer you quick and convenient meal ideas to ensure you get the recommended fish intake .

Surprisingly, a large proportion of the UK population still doesn’t get enough fish in their diets. This may be due to lack of awareness about how much fish you should be eating or driven by a need for more inspiration on how to incorporate fish into delicious, easy and affordable recipes. Not to mention, last year saw 44% of shoppers say they made a conscious effort to reduce their meat consumption due to a rise in plant-based and pescatarian diets.

My top 5 reasons to enjoy Princes Canned Fish

  • Canned Fish is ready when you are and with each can portioned out, it means no waste
  • Canned Mackerel and Salmon are a great source of omega 3
  • Tuna in spring water is high in protein
  • Tuna is low in saturated fat
  • Quick, and easy with minimal preparation needed - enjoy as a simple lunch or speedy tea

Why not try Princes Canned Tuna in spring water?

So, to ensure you and your family are eating two portions of fish per week, why not try Princes Canned Tuna in spring water? Ideal for pairing with a hot jacket potato or pasta bake at lunchtime or for a quick fix tea after a long day. Did you know that as well as being a great source of protein Princes Canned Tuna in Spring Water is also low in saturated fat? This helps to keep your blood cholesterol at a normal level as part of a balanced diet.

Another great option is Princes Canned Mackerel, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, an important nutrient for helping our heart function properly and stay healthy as part of a balanced diet. Princes new Smokey Chilli & Tomato Mackerel Sizzle is packed full of flavour and can be cooked in just three minutes, providing a quick and tasty solution without having to worry about compromising on quality.

" Did you know Mackerel counts towards one of the two recommended portions of oily fish we should be consuming every week? "

Lily Soutter, TV nutritionist

Princes has a variety of canned fish options, including Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna, giving you and your family more choices, offering important benefits you need to maintain a balanced diet. Furthermore, it’s good to know that due to Princes’ canning process; you can stock your cupboard high with its fish ranges for up to two years, as they have a very long shelf life, which is really quite remarkable.

Most importantly, when we are all busy rushing around, canned fish is a quick and easy solution to include as part of a balanced diet, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ve eaten well.