Top three healthy snacks for kids

By the Princes team

Canned fruit is affordable, lasts for ages, and is prepared for you.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with the school summer hols? Love spending time with your kids, but find the change of routine - especially when it comes to snacks and mealtimes - a little challenging? If you’ve got fussy-eaters in the family, it can be even trickier. We don’t blame anyone for giving in and throwing in some quick-fix fast food every now and then - especially on days out or on holiday. But, you know, creating last-minute healthy snacks doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keep plenty of canned fruit in juice in the cupboard and you can always rustle up some tasty nibbles to eat at home or on the go. Using Princes canned fruit in juice can count to one of your five-a-day1 and is a fuss-free way to make sure your kid’s snacks form part of a balanced diet. When the kids are at home, it’s not always easy to plan the weekly shop – or even get to the shops.

So having plenty of canned fruit in the house makes sure you always have healthy food on hand. Canned fruit’s also affordable, lasts for ages, and is prepared for you, so there’s no messing around with washing, peeling and chopping.

Did you know?

Princes Fruit is packed from fresh and contains no artificial colours or preservatives2.  Creating healthy snacks in the kitchen for your kids can be fun and simple at the same time.

From Pineapple Frozen Yoghurt to Peach Smoothie Ice Lollies, Princes has developed some simple snack recipes that are so tasty and fun, your kids won’t even notice the difference.

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