190g can Princes Mackerel Fillets in a Rich Tomato and Roasted Onion Sauce
400g potatoes, cut into small chunks
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 large carrots, sliced
200g broccoli

Mackerel Fillets in Tomato Sauce, with Roast Potatoes and Veg

2 servings
10 minutes prep
35 minutes cooking

Nutritional information for this recipe

Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Fat Salt
per 100g 112kcal 2.7g 5.5g 0.9g 0.2g
RI% 6% 3% 8% 5% 3%


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C, fan oven 180°C, Gas Mark 6.
  2. Put the Princes Mackerel Fillets, with all the sauce, onto a microwaveable plate.
  3. Tip the potatoes into a roasting pan and add the vegetable oil, tossing to coat. Roast for 30-35 minutes, until golden and tender. Meanwhile, cook the carrots for 10-15 minutes, and the broccoli for 5-8 minutes in lightly salted boiling water.
  4. When the potatoes are ready, empty the contents of the mackerel can onto a plate. Cover and heat the mackerel in the microwave for 1 min 40 secs (700 Watt) or 1 min 30 secs (800 Watt) on high or until piping hot. Stand for 30 secs. Serve with the potatoes, carrots and broccoli.