We’re setting challenges for Sustainable September and inviting you to take part. It’s a month to make the small changes that make a big difference. And what’s more, there’s a whole host of prizes to be won.


What is the challenge?

Our Sustainable September Challenge is all about taking small steps towards more sustainable living. Each challenge explains how we can do our bit for the planet, our pockets and our wellbeing in general.

And what’s more, there’s a whole host of prizes to be won. Each week we'll launch a new competition on our Instagram page, so to be in with a chance of winning follow @princes.

Take the challenge

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What are the prizes?

As well as feeling good about being more sustainable, we’re giving away a grand prize each week. There’s lots of smaller prizes up for grabs too!

  • Week 1 - Wellbeing consultation with TV Nutritionist Lily Soutter worth £100
  • Week 2 - A month’s supply of shopping worth £355
  • Week 3 - Interior Design Consultation with Gemma Gear worth £600 or a month's worth of Food Shopping worth £355
  • Week 4 - National Trust Pass for the family for a year worth £126 or a month's worth of Food Shopping worth £355

How to get involved?

Step 1

Simply take a picture of your entry and the product used

Step 2

Share it on Instagram

Step 3

Be sure to tag @Princes and add #SustainableSeptember

Seafood Swap


Our first Sustainable September challenge is all about swapping out meat for fish in your favourite meals. Think mackerel tacos, salmon carbonara, or a delicious tuna bolognese.

Week 1 Hub

Waste not, want not


We love helping you cut down on food waste. It’s not only great for the planet, but your wallet too. For our second Sustainable September challenge, we want to see how you get the most out of your food.

Week 2 Hub

Small change, big difference

21st - 27th September

At Princes we know that when it comes to being sustainable, a small change can make a big difference. When we all do our bit, a little does a lot. That's why we'd love to see all the small changes you've been making to live more sustainably.

now in PLASTIC FREE packs

Watch the sustainability video

We are delighted to announce we have introduced 100% plastic-free packaging. When it comes to living more sustainably, we’re all in it together. But at Princes we know that making sustainable choices can often be difficult. So we’ve made it easier for you.

This means you can now place every piece of packaging in a recycling bin outside your house. It’s just the latest step in our ongoing journey to be more sustainable.

Top sustainability tips

Shop Local

Shop local

When possible, purchase fresh products from local suppliers such as market gardens or farm shops. As well as a change of scenery, this creates jobs for the local area and means money is invested back into the community.

Take stock
Todays Top Tip

Take stock before you shop

Before attempting the big shop, check the food you already have in to avoid food waste and unnecessary spending. Create a meal plan for the week using existing ingredients, identify any gaps which will then form your new list.

Set a budget

Set a budget

The oldest rule in the book but easy to forget, especially weeks away from pay day. Aim to set aside your weekly spend in a separate bank account to keep track.

Set a budget

Big shops are back in fashion

As a result of current circumstances, it has been reported that us Brits are reverting back to a weekly big shop. Top up shopping not only means more journeys, it’s more time spent shopping unnecessarily. We also tend to go over and above the budget as it’s harder to keep track of our food spend. So, brace yourself for a long list and box off the big shop to save time and money later in the week.

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

Having a build-up of ice in your refrigerator will make it much less efficient and can reduce the amount of usable space if it gets out of control. Regularly defrosting your fridge helps it to work more effectively and will help cut your energy bills over time. We recommend defrosting your fridge every 6 months.

Waste not, want not

Waste not, want not

It is estimated that us Brits are guilty of throwing away 6.6. million tons of food waste a year. Help to reduce this by putting any unwanted food to one side for compost, it makes a great fertiliser and helps to reduces the amount of food that goes to landfill.

The Digital Detox

The Digital Detox

Each day we recommend setting aside time for a cyber break. Switch off from social, turn off the television and set aside 1 hour without any distractions. During your break from technology, do something you love or get creative. Write a list of activities you never seem to find time for and tick them off each day. Once this becomes a daily habit, we advise challenging yourself or your family to an electronics free night.



Present pressure can occur at any time in the year, be more prepared by saving any unwanted gifts for regifting. Set a tradition amongst the family of leaving labels blank so they can be recycled.

Drink water from the tap

Drink water from the tap

It is estimated that 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year in the UK. Reduce plastic waste where possible by drinking from the tap or purchasing a refillable bottle.

Back Your Bag for Life

Back Your Bag for Life

Hardier bags for life contain around twice as much plastic than disposable 5p carriers. Whilst opting for a bag for life becomes more of a tradition, we must avoid treating these as single uses too. Ensure your car, cupboards or handbags are well stocked with any existing bags to avoid topping up on shopping trips.