what is the waste not, want not challenge?

At Princes, we love helping you cut down on food waste. It's not only great for the planet, but your wallet too. So for our second Sustainable September challenge, hosted by Miguel Barclay, we want to see how you get the most out of your food. Whether you're a batch-cooking pro, or simply love getting creative with leftovers, share your Princes recipe with us and tell us why you should win.

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what are the prizes?

As well as feeling good about taking small steps to be more sustainable, we’ve got a whole host of prizes up for grabs. Entrants for Week 2 can be in with a chance of winning…

A month's supply of shopping worth £355

25 x Recipe Books from Celebrity Chef Miguel Barclay

How to get involved?

Step 1

Simply take a picture of your entry and the product used

Step 2

Share it on Instagram

Step 3

Be sure to tag @Princes and add #SustainableSeptember

Did you know: We could save up to £700 per year by preparing lunches in advance*

Each day we challenge ourselves to whip up a nutritious meal in minutes. In many cases we could save a lot of time, energy and pounds (in pockets and on the scales) - by planning in advance.

As a little motivation, make a note of how much you usually spend on lunches compared to what it would cost to make the meals in bulk. It is estimated that we could save up to £700 per year by preparing lunches in advance rather than opting for a meal deal.*

We have listed some of our favourite dishes which can be

*Based on an analysis of average meal deal costs times by working days minus bank holidays and average annual leave, April 2020.