Whether it’s for Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel or Sardines – we know and trust our fishing partners. In fact, we can trace every can of Princes fish right back to its original boat.

Responsible Fishing

There’s more than one way to catch fish, but we’ve high standards and expect no less from our fishing partners. That’s why we only work with people who are committed to fishing responsibly.

Our fishing methods

What We Catch

From deep in the Pacific to across the North-East Atlantic, we care about sourcing the highest quality fish the world over. Interested to know where your can of Princes fish has come from? Simply check the label, it’s full of fascinating fishy facts.

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From Catch to Can

We can trace every can of Princes fish right back to the boat it was caught on. Because, when it comes to our supply chain, it’s important we can ensure the highest standards. On all large boats, using purse seine nets to catch tuna, we even have independent observers in place. And we work closely with other organisations around the world that share our commitment to improving responsible fishing practices.

Our fish journey

Who we work with

As a big brand, we’re totally committed to improving fishing industry standards. That’s why we work so closely with so many other organisations around the world, who share our commitment and have the same goals.

Who we work with

Tuna sustainability

At Princes, we’re totally committed to sourcing sustainable seafood. That’s why our all our tuna is dolphin friendly and can be traced right back to the individual boats it was caught on - it’s the only way to ensure it meets our strict standards.

What’s more, we only source tuna that’s caught by the pole and line and purse seine net fishing methods.

We’ll carry on encouraging and supporting the fisheries that are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified or working towards MSC certification.

For more information about our commitment to seafood sustainability view our Wild Caught Sustainable Seafood Statement.