Canned Tuna

Princes Tuna is available in a range of styles and recipes to suit your lifestyle.  From simple canned tuna chunks in springwater, brine, or sunflower oil, through to tasty ready made fillers that are ready for use.

Rich in Omega 3 Oils and high in protein, Princes Canned Tuna is ideal as a topping for a jacket potato, or as a tasty filling in your favourite sandwich.

All of our Tuna is Caught With Care using responsible fishing methods and we can trace every can of tuna back to the boat on which it was originally caught.  This means we can ensure the highest standards throughout our supply chain.

Princes commitment to sourcing sustainable seafood means that all of our canned tuna is dolphin friendly, and is only caught using pole and line or purse seine net fishing methods.

So good. So simple.