Breakfast Smoothie



Where can i buy Mandarin Segments in Juice ?

Princes Mandarin Segments with juice are available in selected Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose stores

Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Fat Salt
per 100g 148kcal 28.9g 1.6g 1g 0.1g
RI% 7% 32% 2% 5% 2%


1 x 298g can Princes Mandarin Segments with juice
1 x 400g can Princes Apricot Halves in syrup, drained
100ml Princes 100% Pure Orange Juice
100ml Princes 100% Pure Apple Juice
200g natural yogurt


  1. Put the Princes Mandarins, with the juice from the can, and the Princes Apricots into a blender or smoothie maker and blend for 30 seconds.
  2. Add the Princes Orange Juice, Princes Apple Juice and yogurt and blend for a further 15-30 seconds until smooth.
  3. Pour into 4 glasses and serve.
So good. So simple.