Peach and Mandarin Smoothie




5-6 minutes

For a delicious, refreshing, healthy drink, try this mouth-watering Peach and Mandarin smoothie. It also contains 3 portions of your 5 a-day.

Where can i buy Mandarin Segments in Juice ?

Princes Mandarin Segments with juice are available in selected Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose stores

Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Fat Salt
per 100g 217kcal 50.4g 0g 0g 0g
RI% 11% 56%


1 x 410g can of Princes Peach Slices with Juice
1 x 298g can of Princes Mandarin Segments with Juice
1 x 300ml measure of Princes Pure Orange Juice
A sprig of mint (optional)


  1. Drain the peaches and mandarins, reserving the juice.
  2. Add them to a blender with the orange juice and blitz until you have a smooth consistency.
  3. If you prefer a smoother drink, add the reserved juice and blend until the desired consistency.
  4. Serve in a tall glass with a sprig of mint, sit back and enjoy the taste of summer.
So good. So simple.