2 x 145g can Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine, Sunflower Oil or Springwater
500g ready-made mashed potato
4 spring onions, finely chopped
100g canned sweetcorn, drained
1 egg
100g dried breadcrumbs
1 tsp finely grated lemon zest
Sunflower oil, for shallow frying
1 ciabatta loaf, sliced horizontally
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Mixed salad leaves, to serve

Crispy Tuna Burgers on Ciabatta

4 servings
15 minutes prep
10 minutes cooking

Enjoy this new take on a fish cake - just the thing for relaxed summer eating.

Where can I buy Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine?

Princes Tuna Chunks are available in Tesco and Sainsbury's and selected independents

Nutritional information for this recipe

Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Fat Salt
per 100g 673kcal 5.2g 27.4g 3.1g 2.4g
RI% 34% 6% 39% 16% 40%


  1. Drain the cans of Princes Tuna Chunks, place in a large bowl and flake into large chunks. Mix in the mashed potato, spring onions and sweetcorn. Season with a little salt and freshly ground black pepper, then form into 4 burger shapes.
  2. Beat the egg in a shallow bowl with 2 tbsp cold water. Mix the breadcrumbs and lemon zest together on a large plate. Dip the tuna burgers in the egg, then coat in the breadcrumbs.
  3. Heat the sunflower oil in a frying pan and shallow fry the tuna burgers for 3-4 minutes on each side.
  4. Meanwhile, preheat a char-grill pan or the grill. Cut each piece of ciabatta in half to give 4 pieces in total. Brush a little sunflower oil over the cut sides, then char-grill or grill until lightly browned. Serve each piece topped with mixed salad leaves and a tuna burger.

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