1 x 425g can Princes Mango Slices with Juice

300g low fat Greek-style natural yoghurt

Mango Slices with Yoghurt

2 servings
2 minutes prep

Where can I buy Princes Mango Slices with Juice?

Mango Slices with juice are available in selected Morrisons, Co-operative and Waitrose stores

Nutritional information for this recipe

Calories Sugars Fat Saturated Fat Salt
per 100g 63kcal 8.36g 1.62g 1.08g 0.11g
RI% 3.1% 9.3% 2.3% 5.4% 1.8%


  1. Drain the juice from the can of Princes Mango Slices.
  2. Share the yoghurt between 2 serving dishes.
  3. Top with the mango slices and serve at once.